HG Division/ Fallschirmjager Kit list

fj sicily

Packing List:


M38 single decal helmet or Italian Camo Scheme

Soft cap (tropical or LW wool, no Italian camo)


-Splinter B Type III Jump Smock

-Jump trousers with suspenders

-Type 1 or 2 FJ Boots

-Tropical Uniform, no wools, it’s going to be hot, many pictures show them in either their

smocks with no undershirts or long sleeved tropical shirts with sleeve rolled up, you

can’t roll up your sleeves if you have inaccurate tattoos showing.



-Belt and Buckle (trop or leather brown or black)

-FJ Y-Straps or Heer “heavy straps” (trop or leather, brown or black)

-Breadbag (full, no floppy bags allowed)

-Canteen (bring your own water, no watering points)

-Shovel with carrier

-Ammo pouches appropriate for your weapon

-Ammo for your weapon, this is not a full out bang ban tactical, want to make it

interesting, bring one combat load.

Field Gear:

-Zeltbahn- Splinter, no DAK no ITALIAN panels for your foxhole

-Gas Mask Bag

Personal Items:

-Identification Tag and Solbuch (NEED to have)

-Pocket trash (if you are captured, it’s nice to have pocket flair)

-Notebook and writing utincils



-Mess Tin and eating utensils

-Patches, cleaning -Soap and Razor

-FJ gloves

-3 or 4 Pairs of Socks

-Hand Towel


We are garrisoned troops so food will be brought to you on the line, but it doesn’t mean

you do “acquire” bread, fruit or salted meats for yourself


-Grenades, as many as you can get






-Beretta 38

-MG34 or 42

Information provided by Sean Dudley