15th Panzergrenadier Division Kit List


15th PGD Kit list

Uniform: Tropical Tunic and trousers (Preferred) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pattern with proper tropical insignia are authorized.  Wool uniforms are allowed if tropical uniform cannot be acquired.  No HBT uniforms allowed.

Tropical shorts:authorized

Service shirt: Tropical with or without pockets (preferred), knit shirts allowed

Feldmutze: Tropical cap or overseas cap (preferred), Pith Helmet, Wool m43 or overseas cap authorized

Stalhelm: M35, m40 or m42 helmets authorized.  Single decal or no decal only.

Footwear: Low boots, Marschsteifel, tropical low and high boots authorized

Field Gear:

-Equipment belt w/Heer belt buckle (Feldgrau) web or leather authorized

-Ammo pouches for soldiers personal weapon.  Black leather for k98, Web or leather for mp38/40

-Y straps (web or leather authorized)

-Breadbag (Web or leather authorized.  No m44 breadbags)

-Canteen type 31 or the large 1 Liter canteen are authorized in web or leather straps

-Mess tin

-Gas mask canister

-Shovel w/ Leather carrier only.  Folding or straight shovel authorized

-Bayonet w/frog may be mounted, unmounted or tropical version

-Zeltbahn in splinter camo only (NO french tan zelts)

-Blankets may be either German or Italian versions

Weapons: K98, G41, g43, MP38/40, MG34/42 are authorized.  NO Mp44