3/504 PIR Kit list

layout3/504 Sicily Jump Kit

This is what a rifleman in 3/504 would have landed in Sicily with. Some items were communal items given to various persons on the ground. Other items were ditched. But this is the starting point from deciding what you keep and what you don’t.  All of this gear is not mandatory but should be used as a guideline of what was/should be carried while in the field.  Big thanks to Josh Kerner for adding this for the group!

Packing List:


-M2 Parachutist’s Helmet or M1 Fixed Bale Helmet with either Fibre, Low Pressure, or Inland High Pressure Parachutist Liner with 1/2” Helmet net in either Dark or Light ‘OD’

-Type A-4 Mechanic’s Cap or M1941 “Jeep” Cap


-M1942 Uniform Parachute Jumper with 82nd Airborne Shoulder Sleeve Insignia on the Left Sleeve

-Early War White Undershirt

-M1937 EM Waist Belt

-Early War White Drawers


-M1942 Boots Parachute Jumper

-3/504 Sicily Style American Flag Armband, on Right Arm

-First Lift Night Recognition Band, on Left Arm


-M1936 Suspenders

-M1912 or M1936 Pistol Belt

-M1936 Field Bag

-M1910 Dismounted or M1941 Mounted Canteen Cover with M1910 Canteen and Cup -M1910 Intrenching Shovel Carrier and M1910 Intrenching Shovel

-5x Rigger Pouches -Thompson Ammunition Bag(Optional)

Field Gear:


-M1A1 Training Gas Mask and M1 Training Gas Mask Bag

-Parachute First Aid Kit

-Carlisle Bandage


-Type 1021 All Purpose Polaroid Goggles(Optional)

Personal Items:

-M1940 Identification Tag and Chain



-Matches Lighter

-2 Pencils

-Toilet Paper, 24 sheets

-100 Halazone tablets

-12 Atabrine tablets


-Spoon M-1910

-Patches, cleaning -Soap and Razor

-Pay Card and Immunization Record

-2 Prophylactics

-Wire (2 six inch lengths)

-3 or 4 Pairs of Socks

-Hand Towel

-Insecticide Bottle

-Italian Language Guide

-Silk Map of Sicily


-3 Meals K-Ration

-6 Meals D-Ration


-M1 Rifle

-M1905 or M1942 Bayonet and M3 Scabbard

-M1918 Trench Knife or M3 Knife and M6 Scabbard

-M2 Parachutist’s Pocket Knife

-2-4 Mk. II Hand Grenades

-Gammon Grenade

-1 Pound Composition C

-Smoke Grenade(Optional)

-White Phosphorus Grenade(Optional)

-Thermite Grenade(Optional)

Jump Equipment:

-T-5 Parachute

-B-3 or B-4 Life Preserver

-Parachutist’s Rope(Optional)

-Unlined Horsehide Riding Gloves