Event Information and Guidelines

Time line:

Friday 04 September 2015

-0800: Soldiers may begin to arrive and register.  Americans will take part in jump training for the coming invasion while the German forces will begin occupation duty and prepare positions for the expected Allied invasion.

-2000: Safety brief and event brief will be conducted

Saturday 05 September 2015

-0001: The battlefield is live.  German forces will not know when the allied invasion will begin so regular garrison patrols and sentry duty must be kept vigilant.  Following airdrop allied forces will work to gather drop bundles, regroup and make their way to the rally point and night objective.  German forces will patrol to find American position and capture prisoners if possible.

-1000: Major combat operations begin

-1800: Major combat operations end.  Both sides will reinforce their positions and continue sending patrols at the commander’s discretion.

Sunday 06 September 2015

-1200: Tentative Immersion end but units may continue if so desired


Event Cost

-Individual event cost for period food, signage, and props has not yet been determined.

-Original Vehicle owners will be welcomed free of charge


BATF and parking address is as follows:

200 Ashley Carrie Dr. Mt.Gilead NC 27306

Wound Cards:

For this event we will be implementing a wound card system.   The rules are as follows:

Battle Wound

-When the soldier is “Shot” simulate wound. Casualty must fall down. Casualty pulls out

Casualty Card. Casualty is bandaged with own bandage by a medic or Sani. The casualty will

then be evacuated to the CCP where they will be treated.

Casualty Collection Point

-CCP designated by medical personnel (Minimum 100 yards from active battle)

Treatment (Respawn)

-Medical personnel must treat the wounded soldier to the best of their abilities.  Many medics/sanis spend quite a sum on their kits and this event will allow them to get as into it as they want.

-Once completed soldier is ready to return to battle but will not receive a new wound card.  Upon their second hit they are DEAD and will have to go back to the CCP once the battle has passed them to receive a new wound card.

Dead” Casualty Card

-Casualty will wait until battle passes or if stuck in no mans land wait 20 minutes before moving to CCP

-Move to CCP and wait 10 minutes to re-enter battle

-Casualty is to make all efforts to remain “dead” (No giving away enemy positions, etc)

This system allows those who have put time and effort into their medic impressions to get as in-depth as they want with their care. It will also help to keep the battle going and keep squad cohesion.  Each unit is responsible for providing its own medics.

Food & Water:

This property does not have any on site water so all water must be brought by the participants. It will be very hot in early September so hydration is very important.  Make sure you bring enough water for hydration, cooking, and cleaning. Participants should also bring period rations for during the battle. The event will continue the entire 24 hours so food must be portable and able to be eaten in a combat environment.


Friday the Germans are allowed to set up zelt tents and go about their day as if on regular occupation duty.  When the airdrops begin it is up to the Unit commander to keep adequate troops on the line in defensive positions.  Allies must dig positions and also accomplish objectives.

Other Rules and Regulations:

  • There will be NO calling hits on the battlefield by any one other than umpires. If you shoot someone who refuses a hit, report it to an event officer. We will allow no arguing over not taking hits.
  • This site is vehicle friendly so vehicles are encouraged to attend.  Destroyed vehicles will return to the assigned area and only return after the prescribed length of time. Vehicles with limited driver visibility must also have accompanying ground troops in communication with the driver to prevent any collisions with reenactors.
  • There will be NO arguing with event officials
  • No non-period uniforms, weapons, or vehicles allowed. Units will be required to de-farb if needed
  • No projectiles are to be fired at vehicles (mortars, bazookas, panzerschrecks, rifle grenades, etc.) without permission of vehicle owners. Non-projectile simulated fire (charge only) may be directed at vehicles and officials will judge if the vehicle was hit. Non-direct fire projectiles (lobbed projectiles such as mortars and rifle grenades) must be reviewed before being allowed at the event. No direct fire projectiles will be allowed for safety.  NO FIREWORKS!
  • A safety inspection reviewing blanks and any other weapons will take place before hostilities on Friday night and Saturday morning.